How to Sum values from one sheet (by month) into another sheet


I have an online form that collects referrals completed by our clinical allied health team weekly. I am trying to pull data (specifically number of falls) from this sheet into another sheet that will collate this data per month to add to a dashboard (to be then compared over a quarterly period). I have a date column also on the source sheet and a column next to this that uses the MONTH function.

The Formula I'm using seems to run but returns the wrong value.

=SUMIF({Clinician Service Report V 1.0 Range 1}, MONTH({Clinician Service Report V 1.0 Range 2}) = 1)

Bit of a Smartsheet amateur, I may be totally on the wrong track. What is the best way to collect and add number of falls per month from an online form that's collected weekly? I've tried other methods such as linking cells/columns but have run into the issue of a new row being added every time the form is completed and the link or formula I'm using not applying.

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