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Hey All,

I am trying to create an availability formula that is based off of 2 types of criteria; A specified date and the amount of spots allowed.

We will be offering three different training dates for staff, but the maximum space per session is 15 people. Once a date has reached its cap, we want to trigger the person registering to choose a different date.

I have been trying to figure it out but it's not working. I started to work on a formula for the first date but it's giving me errors.

Training Dates:

Monday, February 5

Tuesday, February 6

Wednesday, February 7

Maximum attendees: 15

This what I tried to come up with so far.

=IF(DATE:DATE, DATE@row = "Monday, February 5", Space:Space, Space@row) < 10, "Yes", "No")

Can someone please help me!!?


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    @Shari E.

    How will the staff be selecting their training days? If in a sheet it can be as simple as the example below.

    You can create a dropdown with the training days. Add this formula, make it a column formula, and then set conditional formatting to turn the whole row red when Full or Not Full contains Full.

    Hope this helps,




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