Date population with dropdown selection

Hi guys! I'm a newbie trying to learn formulas and can't find an answer to a specific question in the topics.

I'm trying to make "todays" date populate into specific columns when a "status" is changed via a dropdown box. IE, when specific tasks are done and we update the status in Column A, I'd like my sheet to record the date the task was completed in the columns with corresponding names to each status.

Right now I am doing it a bit backwards. I set up automations to change the statuses when the date is entered for that specific status, however, if we complete multiple tasks and enter in the dates simultaneously, the sheet is only picking up the first date that was input. The status only changes if we save each date individually. Not a huge deal, but I know there's a much prettier/smoother way to do this.

Seems simple enough, but I might not be using the correct terminology when I search for information on this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm including a snippit of the sheet I'm using right now for clarity!

Thanks in advance!!


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