Count Response Occurrence from Multiselect Drop Down

IainC ✭✭
edited 01/15/24 in Formulas and Functions


I have a project intake sheet that has a column for allocating 'tags' to the project to define subject areas included in the project. Each project can have multiple 'tags'. See below:

Is there a formula that will dynamically populate a helper sheet with all the 'tags' selected within the Project Type column so that I can then do a count on the number of times that 'tag' has been selected?

Note: I'd only want a 'tag' to appear in the helper sheet once i.e. Wi-Fi (Upgrade) should only appear in the helper sheet 1 time, not twice. e.g.

The multi select drop down is not restricted to a defined list as we want to keep it dynamic based on needs. I want to avoid the admin overhead of hardcoding options if I can...

Probably worth noting we are only on the Pro plan at the moment...

Hope that all makes sense :)




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