Trouble Displaying List of Names from a Countif Formula

Hi Community,

Please help :)

I have used the Countif formulae to bring back the number of times the value "Red" Appears in smart sheet.

This brings me a value of 4. (So I am displaying the Value 4 in a Dashboard)

I now would like to display the Names of the Client (Located in Column Name 'Client) so I would see the 4 Clients listed?

Is there a formula that could work this out? Have tried HAS Functions, COUNTM, even INDEX and MATCH but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated :)




  • Anjanesh Vaidya
    Anjanesh Vaidya ✭✭✭✭

    Hi ProductDan,

    As per the condition, you can try the below formula to get the name of the clients, where the status is "Red".

    =JOIN(COLLECT(Client:Client, [Current Status]:[Current Status], [Current Status]@row), ",")

    The formula is applied to the first cell of the Formula column. You can also implement it in a sheet summary as well.

    I hope it will work!


    Anjanesh Vaidya

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