Show next task from To-Do list on in a cell in another sheet

I created a simple to-do list in Smartsheet. We have another sheet, call it sheet 2, where I would like to place the value of the next to-do that has not been marked as completed and for it to update sheet 2 when that to-do has been completed and move to the next value on the sheet. Essentially, I'm using the to-do list as a Next Step, so Sheet 2 would display the value as a next step. Thank you!


  • KPH
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    Hi @charlotte_s

    You could use an INDEX COLLECT function to display the value of the Name column for the first row where the Complete column is unchecked. Like this:

    =INDEX(COLLECT(Name:Name, Complete:Complete, @cell = 0), 1)

    For this to work on sheet 2, you will need to replace the column names (shown in bold) with cross sheet references. Are you OK to do that part? The formula will end up looking like this (which whatever names you chose):

    =INDEX(COLLECT({To Do Name}, {To Do Complete}, @cell = 0), 1)

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