Month-to-Month Reporting Capture via Chart

So here's my source Sheet where we track issues and closure of these issues. As you can see I've created several helper columns (i.e., columns that are locked) in an attempt to retrieve and organize the data in such a way that I can then add a bar-graph chart on our that captures for example:

1) Supplier-A --> # of total line-items currently Open --> # of total line-items Closed (year to date)

....and to have the bar-graph present it by month-to-month (i.e., Jan, Feb, Mar....etc.)

Can someone share with me what is needed to display my bar-graph in this way from the current Sheet attached? How must I adjust my current Sheet to capture the data needed to add that month to month bar-graph and/or formulas required. Thanks in advance for any assistance or options one could provide.


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