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I can't seem to get the hang of formula differences between SS and Excel. Here's what I need:

I am trying to populate a status column based on a numerical value in another column. If the value is 197 or higher, I want a value of Yes returned. If lower, a value of No should be returned. Here is what has not worked for me:

=IF(AND([M1 through M8 Score]@row>=197, [M1 through M8 Score]@row<=196), "Yes", "No"). This returns a Status value of No regardless of the score value for every row.

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  • DKazatsky2
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    Hi @L_Mallery,

    It's the AND that is causing your formula to fail. The formula is looking for a number to be both >=197 AND <=196 at the same time, which cannot happen.

    Try the following. =IF([M1 through M8 Score]@row >= 197, "Yes", "No")

    Hope this helps,



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