QQ for else if formula is smartsheet

I am trying to get smartsheet to interpret my string value in # of days so I can use it in a formula. Any idea why I am getting an error with the following:

=if([Complexity for contract changes]@row(Small - 6 months),"180",or([Complexity for contract changes]@row(Medium - 12 months),"360",or([Complexity for contract changes]@row(Large - 18 months),"540")


  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    The syntax is not correct. The parts after each @row will be a problem and the OR needs to go at the start of the function after the IF if you really want to do an OR.

    Take a look at this for how to use OR

    I think you might actually just want to use nested IFs without OR. In which case, this should help

    if you need help, please share a screenshot of the sheet and explain what you want the formula to do, specifically what are these parts for after each @row?

    (Small - 6 months)

    (Medium - 12 months)

    (Large - 18 months)

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