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This is to strange and I know I am missing something: trying to count to two separate symbol columns to create the metrics that will tell me how many milestones are at risk. One is a checkbox (Milestone) the other is simple Schedule Health (Red/Yellow/Green). The calculation I wrote: Countifs(Milestone:Milestone, "Checkbox", [Schedule Health]:[Schedule Health], "Red"). The result should be 9 for this particular schedule, the result I am getting is 0. The problem I think is in the Checkbox count, when I count the Schedule Health column alone this seems to work alone. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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    Hello @LDLValentine,

    When writing formulas that involve a check box, you'll need to refer to a 1 or 0 for True, False.

    0 being unchecked, 1 being checked.

    Replace "Checkbox" in quotes with 0 or 1 like so:

    Countifs(Milestone:Milestone, 1, [Schedule Health]:[Schedule Health], "Red")


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