COUNTIF to reference another sheet.


I am trying to use the COUNTIF formula to count the number of times a certain text appears in a column. I can easily do this, if I am working on that sheet, but if I want to reference another sheet it wont work.

North Coast FY24 (2023-2024)= the name of the spreadsheet

Clean Water for Reefs= the text I am trying to get a count for

=COUNTIFS({North Coast FY24 (2023-2024) Range 1}, "Clean Water for Reefs")

The same happens when I try to refereence another column of "State". It is the same sheet but the column is called state and I am trying to count how many times "not started", "in progress", etc. appear.

Note: both these columns are set as dropdowns. Not sure if that effects anything.


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