Need help with adding a new row in a sheet and for the new row to reflect in the destination sheet

Hello friends,

Here's my scenario:

I have a source sheet (master data), and I have a destination sheet. I'm using data mesh so that data is pushed from one sheet to the destination sheet.

I will be using one of the sheets which consists of numeric scenarios (parent) and multiple steps / tasks under each scenario (child).


When I make updates from the editing sheet - I can confirm that the updates reflect accordingly in the source sheet.

However, when I add a new row, it will not display or it will display at the bottom of the sheet.


  1. Is there a formula, config, or setup that I can create within the destination and source sheet that allows me to view the new row (WITHIN THE PARENT - meaning as a child)?
  2. Are comments not carried over from editing sheet to source sheet?

Thanks in advance!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 01/26/24

    Hi @jessierayo

    There currently isn't a way to automatically create hierarchy when adding rows to sheets, unless you are copying over the entire structure (as in copying a parent row to another sheet, which will copy the child rows along with it). DataMesh looks at the cell contents, so it won't be able to create hierarchy either.

    There are a few other posts in the Community that have some alternate suggestions - for example: Auto-Create Child Rows WITHOUT Bridge or API

    Row Comments are a different type of data/column, so no, these won't be copied over either with DataMesh or through formulas. The only way to copy comments over would be to use a Copy Row workflow or manual push from the sheet directly to move or copy the entire row.



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