How do I create a sheet that will open specific fields with a QR code?

I am needing to create a sheet that will allow multiple QR codes to scan and input data, such as employee name and what specific tool they are signing out for the day. The process I am looking for would be: the employee scans their unique QR code at the start of shift, then scans the QR code on the tools they need for that shift, this information would then auto populate in a smartsheet. Is this possible? At the end of shift they would do the same thing but the tool would be signed back in to the company toolbox.


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    Hi @aemacdowney

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    Have you explored connecting the QR Code with forms instead?

    Is that an option?

    I hope that helps!

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  • kskarz
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    Hi @aemacdowney

    Yes, it's possible but will require building a small app to manage the QR codes and Smartsheet API.

    I had done something similar. In my case, I had an HTML form with a QR code that users would scan with a mobile phone and would enter the data that would update the Smartsheet. The data in the QR code would have all the information like the sheetID, rowID etc.

    In your case you would need a QR code that once scanned would require the user to scan the tools that they are using and send the data back to the server via API which would update the row for that user.

    The question is what are you going to use to scan the QR code and will the device have access to the internet?