Finding the most recent entry

I have tried finding the answer, but for some reason I can't seem to get the formula(s) to work for me. I have a sheet where other users update our fleet information using a form. I am trying to figure out how to find most recent date for each of our uniquely numbered ships. I keep seeing the formula Max(Collect, but I either get a 0 as a return or invalid column name/value, unparseable, etc.

Here is my data

So for the ship 3572 I have two dates 11/29/23 and 1/8/24. I need something that will give me 1/8/24.

I have tried the following:

=MAX(COLLECT(Number:Number, Date:Date, Number@row))

This outputs a 0. I tried changing the column with the formula into a date column, but then it doesn't return anything.

Does anyone have a solution or know how I can return the most recent date? I have even tried working with a helper sheet with a list of our fleet and trying the MAX(Collect()) that way with no success. Any help is appreciated!!


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