Parent changes based on child info

Hello - thank you in advance

Simple formula for MAIN TASK days to update automatically based on the longest SUBTASKS

Sub tasks take 1,4,7 days - so i want MAIN TASK to reflect 7 days.

please and thank you


  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Would this work?


  • Morris R
    Morris R ✭✭✭✭

    Yes it works for Main task (level 1) and Sub tasks (level 2) but when I make it a column formula it changes all the days to zero. (I realized the image was cut off originally as there is a row level 0 that is above)

    It only worked as a cell formula not a column

    thank you

  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    1. If you have a grandparent row above Main Taks and use the the same formula, it will bring the MAX of the children below it. So Site will show the max of the Main Taks, and Main Taks will show the max of their Sub Task rows.
    2. If you change the cell formula to a column formula it will overwrite any data in that column, therefore the numbers you had entered: 1, 4, 7... will be replaced with the formula and as those rows have no children the result will be 0. If you want this to be a column formula you can either set it up as such and then overwrite it with data (i.e. enter the sub task values), or it needs to be in a column of its own. You can find the MAX of the CHILDREN in a different column by putting the column name into the formula like this:

    =MAX(CHILDREN([Data entry column]@row))

    Where Data entry column is the name of the column that you type durations into.

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