Adding values together with different conditions.

Hi everyone,

So what I am trying to do is compare job numbers from different days of the week, and if those numbers are the same then add the Per Diem values together. Here's the formula that I'm using so far. By the way the formula resides in Column Job 1.

=IF(OR([Monday Job]@row = [Tuesday Job]@row, [Monday Job]@row = [Tuesday Job]@row, [Monday Job]@row = [Wednesday Job]@row, [Monday Job]@row = [Thursday Job]@row), [Per Diem Day 1]@row + [Per Diem Day 2]@row + [Per Diem Day 3]@row + [Per Diem Day 4]@row + [Per Diem Day 5]@row, "")

This is working in a way, as it is adding together all the Per Diem values, however it is not making the distinction if the job numbers are the same or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Also I've attached a screenshot of my sheet if that helps any, Thanks again


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