Countifs, Does not contain for Multi-select fields


I'm trying to add several does not contains for a countif and I can't seem to find where I'm going wrong. I keep getting #invalid operation.

My goal is to filter the field for the following:

  1. Youth or Adult = Adult
  2. New or Continuum = New Enrollment
  3. Date Processed = Is Blank
  4. Parent coordinator (multi select drop down) = DOES NOT CONTAIN - None, Waiting for Assigment, Exited the program & Student(s) Denied.

I'm successfully able to filter for the first three filters and one of the fourth filter, but when I add the remaining DNC filters, I get an error.

=COUNTIFS({Enfrmcheckin - youth or adult}, HAS(@cell, "Adult"), {Enfrmcheckin - new or contin student}, HAS(@cell, "New Enrollment"), {Enfrmcheckin - parent coordinator}, NOT(CONTAINS("NONE", @cell)) + NOT(CONTAINS("Waiting for Assignment", @cell)) + NOT(CONTAINS("Exited the program", @cell)) + NOT(CONTAINS("Student(s) Denied")) + {Enfrmcheckin - Insch date proc in ETO}, <>"")



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