If/then formula to return a personalised value when multiple choices are selected ?

Our team has a sheet for our projects in which we have a multi-select column where we can select our contact name when we are assigned a project (column name is "Assigned to").

We have a very simple helper column that simply copies the information with the formula ="Assigned to"@row, so that we can view our projects in Card view by each team member (otherwise, it seems Card view does not support viewing by Contacts).

That being said, we have some projects that are assigned to multiple team members. To avoid cluttering the Card view columns with many columns that would include various combinations of our names, I'd like to create a formula for my helper column where, if multiple contact names are selected, then it would return a value of "Multiple collaborators", but if just one contact name is selected, it would return the value of that contact name.

Is this possible ?

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