I am trying to add the same base equation to a counterparts sheet which is almost identical to mine, but has slightly different column names. We are trying to create a "Biweekly Sum" column that sums the "Grand Total" / "Talent Paid" linking "Vendor Name or Slack Name" / "Pet Parent CP Name" or "Supplier Number" / "Vendor Number" with the same "Payment Period" / "Invoice Number". The equations have the same format and seem to be linking to the sheet but theirs outputs with #INVALID VALUE.

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    Hi @mpajuelo

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    The main issue (it seems) is that you have one or more error messages elsewhere that are being referenced in the formula.

    Was that the issue?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Thank you, the error was there was no value in the "Talent Paid" column. I had to add to my equation in that column that if the "Number of Pets" column was blank then this column is to equal 0.

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