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Hi All,

Ive simplified my date data link needs. Hopefuly someone can help!

I have template and fit dates i need to plan which is selected in a sheet called 'Active Orders'

Then i need the Cell or even better link to row to be in the date in the planner. Called 'Job Schedule'

So ive made another sheet and linked the info needed. I now just need to link this cell to 'Job Scheduel'. The Template will always go to Paul Macloskey column and ideally you could choose which fitter you want the data to go to. if not a new column i could just drag and drop to the relevent person.


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    Hi @richard_abra,

    It sounds like you're looking to create a dynamic scheduling solution within Smartsheet that allows you to link order dates from your 'Active Orders' sheet to a 'Job Schedule' sheet, with flexibility in assigning tasks to specific individuals, such as Paul Macloskey or various fitters. Here's how you can approach this using Smartsheet functionalities:

    Step 1: Ensure Your Sheets Are Set Up Correctly

    • Active Orders Sheet: This should contain all the necessary details of your orders, including the template and fit dates. Make sure each order has a unique identifier (like an order number) and columns for the dates and any other relevant details.
    • Job Schedule Sheet: This should be set up to track the scheduling of tasks. Create columns for the task names, dates, assigned personnel (like Paul Macloskey), and any other relevant information. Include a column for the unique identifier from the 'Active Orders' sheet.

    Step 2: Linking Data Between Sheets

    • To link relevant data from the 'Active Orders' sheet to the 'Job Schedule' sheet, you can use Smartsheet's cell linking feature. However, if you need the entire row (including the task assignment to specific individuals) to be dynamic and selectable, you might need a more interactive approach.

    Step 3: Create a Dropdown for Assignees

    • In your 'Job Schedule' sheet, you can add a dropdown list in the 'Assigned To' column that includes Paul Macloskey and all possible fitters. This allows for manual selection of the assignee when planning.

    Step 4: Automating Data Transfer with Formulas and Cross-Sheet References

    • Automate Date Transfer: Use cross-sheet references to pull dates from the 'Active Orders' sheet into the 'Job Schedule' sheet based on the unique identifier. For example, you can use the VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH functions to search for and pull in dates related to a specific order.
    • Dynamic Link to Row: While Smartsheet doesn't directly allow dynamic linking to a specific row in another sheet within a cell, you can reference data across sheets. For a more interactive solution, consider using Smartsheet's automation features to notify Paul Macloskey or the selected fitter when a new task is assigned to them.

    Step 5: Utilize Smartsheet Automation

    • Automated Notifications: Set up automated alerts or actions to notify Paul Macloskey or the selected fitter whenever their name is selected in the 'Job Schedule' sheet. This can help in ensuring they're aware of the new tasks assigned to them.
    • Automated Row Copying: Although dragging and dropping to assign tasks to different columns isn't directly supported through formulas, you can manually move tasks between columns or use Smartsheet's automation to create workflows that might help streamline this process based on certain triggers.

    Additional Considerations

    • For a highly customized solution like choosing the fitter dynamically and having tasks automatically appear in their column, you might explore integrating Smartsheet with external tools or services (like Zapier) for more complex automation and conditional logic.
    • Regularly review and adjust your Smartsheet setup and automation rules to ensure they continue to meet your scheduling needs effectively.

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