Large Contains Look-up with Multiselect Field

I have a birthday request form where birthday bags are made and then stored. To track where the requests are stored, I have a multi select column named: Inventory Slot Number where a user can select 1-500 and can select multiple numbers like 1 and 2 for example. We get 5000+ requests a year so there will be alot of rows in this sheet with revolving inventory. We need mutli-select since some items have a large item that is in a bulk section slot.

On another sheet I have a list of the 500 numbers 1-500 and want to understand which slots are taken for slot availability management so I have a Slot column listing 1-500 and then a slot availability column to say whether it is open or being used.

I looked at this post but am having trouble applying since its only a select number of dropdowns

Right now I have a slot helper column on sheet 1: =IF(ISBLANK([Inventory Slot Number]@row), "", SUBSTITUTE([Inventory Slot Number]@row, " ", ""))

On Sheet 2 - =COUNTIFS({2024 Case Worker & Foster Family Birthday Range 1}, IF(HAS(@cell, "1"), "true", "false") = "true", Slot:Slot, IF(HAS(@cell, "1"), "true", "false") = "true")

where range 1 =. Inventory slot number column and it's not letting me update "1" to the slot at row


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