Form logic based on field content not working


Hello! I'm trying to build an easy to use form for users in my organization. I want to use the logic capabilities to guide the user down the correct path.

The first question, we'll call it Question 1 is a text field and is required.

If Question 1 = NA, then Question 1.A should not appear and the user should just proceed to Question 2.

The logic in the form is

When Question 1 does not

contain NA then show Question 1.A.

However, when you enter NA in Question 1, Question 1.A still appears.

Is there anyway around this?


  • Nick Korna
    Nick Korna ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Switch Question 1 to a dropdown. If you are able, fill out the options that will guide someone down the logic path so you can have relevant follow-up questions appear. If not, simply include your NA option and have something like this:

    Using "Contains" can be risky as someone can type something that has "NA" within it and it will get excluded. If you have a legitimate response which could have "NA" (or any variation of upper/lower case - na, Na, nA) then it the logic will not allow it to be displayed. For example, you don't want questions getting skipped because someone type a word with this in (e.g. national).

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