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I'm trying to create a sheet summary formula that will return a "1" result if the following criteria are met: 1) the Sheet Summary field "Application Status" is showing "APPS ON HAND", and 2) the date in the sheet summary field "Oldest App on Hand" is more than five days prior to the current date. Otherwise, I want to result to be "0"

Here is my current formula and I am getting an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT error

=IF(AND([Application Status]# = "APPS ON HAND", [Oldest App on Hand]# < TODAY() - 5, 1, 0))

Thank you!

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    You have the closing parenthesis for the AND after the values to return for the IF. If you move it to here, you should be fine:

    =IF(AND([Application Status]# = "APPS ON HAND", [Oldest App on Hand]# < TODAY() - 5), 1, 0)


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