Index Match Issues - #NO MATCH


I am trying to perform an index that will output the data metrics based on the given week. I already have things set up to calculate all my metrics based on a data sheet as the data is entered.

The last bit where my formula comes into play is so I can have 6 cells output data to a dashboard based on the given week, and when the week refreshes, the values will update as the week moves forward with new data values.

Here is the formula which is yielding me a #NO MATCH

=INDEX([Monday Metrics (Wall Framing)]:[Monday Metrics (Wall Framing)], MATCH([Current Week]@row, [Week Number]:[Week Number], 0))

My goal is simply to output the highlighted value, and once the week resets, it will populate when new Monday metrics are recorded.

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  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    It looks like the Monday Metrics (Wall Framing) column has a NO MATCH error in it. I believe this will interfere with the Column6 formula. Can you delete or fix that formula? You can wrap it in and IFERROR to return 0 instead of no match.


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