Formula working in some cells in Smartsheet but not others.

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I am using this formula to determine if a particular training asset is on schedule or behind schedule by comparing the draft start and end dates. If the time between is greater than 5 days then Smartsheet returns red and if the time between is less than 5 days, Smartsheet returns green.

=IF(NETWORKDAY([First Draft Actual Start Date]@row, [Draft Actual End Date]@row) > "5", "Red", "Green")

The formula works for most cells but some cells return the incorrect color (for example if the training asset start and end date is past 5 days, green appears instead of red). Why is this happening? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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    Can you remove the quotation marks around 5:

    =IF(NETWORKDAY([First Draft Actual Start Date]@row, [Draft Actual End Date]@row) > 5, "Red", "Green")


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