How do I share a dynamic view with an external user without them saving to make a smartsheet account

I have two use cases here based on program to fill birthday bags for foster kids. Volunteers make the bags and fill them with gifts and requestors submit. a request and pick it up when it is ready.

For volunteers, after the form is submitted I have extra columns I want them to follw out like when it was completed, who did it, check marks for steps followed etc and I'd like this process to be digital. There is a volunteer queue report that I want to be a dynamic view so it only shows the requests needed to be filled that day and then they can assign themselves, see limited read only data and then complete about 10 more fields.

For requestors, I want them to see the request status of what they submitted but this is private data with child info etc so I only want them to see their requests and be able to filter by month etc since some requests submit 200+ requests a year.

In both of these instances I do not want the user to have to create an account it will really bottle neck the volunteer experience and requestors just won't do it. I could have a list of all volunteer and requestor emails just don't know what to do next.


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