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Hi. I'm not sure how to go about this. I have a list that have SO Dates that are all different including the year. I plan is to send an automated reminder every 3 months from the SO DATE starting now. For example, I have an SO date of 08/06/23. Based on this, a reminder would have gone out on 11/6/2023 (which is the past). However, the next reminder would be going out on 2/6/2024. What would be the best formula and the best route of accomplishing this? I've thought about converting the date cells into MM/DD since the year to my result is not needed, but I cant figure out how to do that too. Any suggestions would be helpful. I also found a formula to add 3 months to the SO DATE, but that doesn't factor in year.


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    Hi @kat26

    Is your SO Date column formatted as a date column?

    Would sending the reminders every 90 days be acceptable or does it have to be 3 months?

    When should the reminders stop?

  • Yes. the SO Date column is formatted as a date column.

    I need the automated reminders to be sent out every 3 months from the SO date starting now. I tried the every 90 days but since some months have different amount of days then the actual date will be off from the SO date.

    The reminders won't stop until I stop the automation.

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