Count three things, two of which are from the same column


I’m hoping someone can help me on a formula I need in my calculation sheet that counts items from 2 columns within a different sheet. My formula was working until we decided to include more than one status in the count from the second column.

Here’s the formula that was working until I needed to also include a second status in the count:

=COUNTIFS({Country}, "Indonesia", {Status}, "Live project”)

I’d like to adapt/add to the above so that the output also counts Re-prints from the Status column. I've figured out a workaround by counting them separately and then feeding the sum to where I need it but I realise that this will be a simple fix for someone with a better understanding than mine, and I'd like to keep my calc sheet clean and efficient if possible.

I hope this makes sense. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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