Leading zeros dropped on Python SDK add_rows

We are using the smartsheet-python-sdk to insert rows into SmartSheets. For almost two years we have had this script running with no issue, but in the last week, SmartSheets has started to trim the leading zeros on fields that are all numeric. Nothing has changed in our sheet or in our script.

Are others having this issue? For you, did it also just recently begin? Have you found any solutions?

We are using the same version of the smartsheet-python-sdk that what we've always used.

We have tried appending an apostrophe on the front, which SmartSheets then recognizes as a string and keeps the zeros, but it also appends it's own apostrophe onto the string, making the value ''000999 - so the value displayed is '000999 , which will not suffice. We need the real value there without an extra character.

A chunk of the script is below. We are putting the data into a dictionary and running this function for the insert. I confirmed that the data in the dictionary, and the new cell value itself, has the zeros. The zeros are certainly being passed to SmartSheets. It's in SmartSheets that they are being dropped.

def add_new_data_to_smartsheet(data_dict, sheet_id):

    rowsToAdd = []

    # each object in data_dict represents 1 row of data

    for i, i in data_dict.items():

        # create a new row object

        new_row = smartsheet_client.models.Row()

        new_row.to_bottom = True

        # for each key value pair, create & add a cell to the row object

        for k, v in i.items():

            if v is None:



            # create the cell object and populate with value

                new_cell = smartsheet_client.models.Cell()

                new_cell.column_id = column_map[k]

                new_cell.value = v


            # add the cell object to the row object


        # add the row object to the collection of rows


    # add the collection of rows to the sheet in Smartsheet        

    result = smartsheet_client.Sheets.add_rows(sheet_id, rowsToAdd)

add_new_data_to_smartsheet(data_dict, sheet_id)

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