Help with URL Query Text Field with multiple websites and subsequent fields.


I have a pre populated form that is populating appropriately until I get to a TEXT FIELD labeled "URL to Supporting Document(s)" where end users can provide URL web addresses to supporting documents. When a new row is added, an alert is sent to Approvers with the "Approval Form" link in the body of the email they can click to take them to a pre-populated form PLUS additional Approver specific fields appear that the original form does NOT show.

The query string populates the first "URL to Supporting Document(s)" appropriately, but no the other. Consequently, the "Additional Comments" that follows the "URL to Supporting Document(s)" field in the form is NOT populating because of this issue. I know this because when I removed the supporting documents piece of the query string, the "Additional Comments" field populates no problem. Adding the supporting documents field back into the formula brings the issue back.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? Is it because they are URLs?

Links column populated by the end user when the form is submitted.

AttachmentsURL column is the CHAR() conversion of the Links cell referenced in the query string.

Screen Shot 2: URL Query String

Screen Shot 3: Pre populated form + Approver specific fields that appears when Approvers click the link in the automated notification.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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