COUNTIFS with multiple/variable criterion

Jaime Holder
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Hello all - I have a reference column called "process" which used to only have WELD, but now has WELDBEAM, WELDFRAME, WELDCUSTOM, etc.

My normal COUNTIFS worked flawlessly, but now i need to count 6 different sub-types.

I need a COUNTIFS function that will still count and combine any that match WELD.

All my searches came up short/functions that wouldn't work.

My current/previous formula is =COUNTIFS({process}, "weld", {month}, [MONTH#]@row)

My question is how do i write this to include the now 6 different sub-types of weld? i.e.,


I need a total of weld items, no matter the sub-type from a COUNTIFS statement - TIA for your help!

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