Copy a list from one sheet to another


I have a sheet that contains all contacts in my organization with a filter designating them to different teams. I want to copy those designated to the Media team to another sheet to avoid having to add the contacts manually in both places. I've tried an Index/Match formula as well as a datamesh and that seems to only be bringing over the first person in my original list and not the list as a whole. Is there a trick to doing this that I'm missing?


  • If you have "category" or "type" to identify the "Media" group then create a rule where if a row is identified as "Media" then COPY that row to XYZ sheet. I believe it would have to have the same columns for it to work but I haven't tested it that deep yet. If you don't have a column for category/type then either add that or a checkbox column so when checked, copy to new sheet

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