I was wondering if Smartsheets has any velocity chart templates? I see the sprint planning templates

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Looking to be able to get a report similar to jiras velocity report https://support.atlassian.com/jira-software-cloud/docs/view-and-understand-the-velocity-chart/

Where I can put multiple sprints of data into a report that will generate similar bar charts


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    Hi @agileuser05897,

    please try the following i think it will help you:

    1: Set Up Your Smartsheet for Sprint Tracking:

    Create a Sheet for Each Sprint: Record key sprint metrics such as 'Story Points Completed', 'Story Points Committed', sprint start and end dates, etc. Each row can represent a user story or task, and you can use columns to track the status, story points, and other relevant details.

    Use a Consistent Template for All Sprints: To easily aggregate data later, ensure each sprint sheet follows the same template.

    2: Aggregate Sprint Data:

    Create a Summary Sheet: Make a new Smartsheet that summarizes the data from each sprint sheet. You'll manually input or use cross-sheet references (cell linking) to pull in key metrics like total story points completed and committed per sprint.

    Automate Data Aggregation with Cell Linking: Use Smartsheet's cell linking feature to automatically update your summary sheet when sprint sheets are updated. This will serve as the data source for your velocity chart.

    3: Generate the Velocity Chart:

    • Create a Report: From the summary sheet, generate a report to filter and display the specific data you want to visualize, such as the sprint number, total story points committed, and total story points completed for each sprint.
    • Build a Dashboard and Add a Chart Widget: Use Smartsheet dashboards to create a visual representation of your data. Add a chart widget to the dashboard, selecting your report as the data source. Configure the chart to display a bar chart showing the total story points committed and completed for each sprint, akin to Jira's velocity chart.
    • Bar Chart Configuration: In the chart settings, choose a stacked or side-by-side bar chart. Use different colors to differentiate between 'Story Points Completed' and 'Story Points Committed'. Label each bar with the sprint number or name for clarity.

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