What's wrong with this formula please?

Trying to write a formula that pulls the current week's data into a "current data" column so I can point a dashboard metric at one column/cell. My shorter formula works correctly but when I add new columns & change column names it breaks. I've confirmed column names match 1-1. Any thoughts?

Short formula (works):

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Dec@row)), Dec@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Nov@row)), Nov@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Oct@row)), Oct@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Sep@row)), Sep@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Aug@row)), Aug@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(July@row)), July@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(June@row)), June@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(May@row)), May@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(April@row)), April@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(March@row)), March@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(February@row)), February@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK(January@row)), January@row, ""))))))))))))

New formula (not working):

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Jun 2-8]@row)), [Jun 2-8]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([May 26-Jun 1]@row)), [May 26-Jun 1]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([May 19-25]@row)), [May 19-25]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([May 12-18]@row)), [May 12-18]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([May 5-11]@row)), [May 5-11]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Apr 28-May 4]@row)), [Apr 28-May 4]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Apr 21-27]@row)), [Apr 21-27]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Apr 14-20]@row)), [Apr 14-20]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Apr 7-13]@row)), [Apr 7-13]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Mar 31-Apr 6]@row)), [Mar 31-Apr 6]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([March 24-30]@row)), [March 24-30]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Mar 17-23]@row)), [Mar 17-23]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Mar 10-16]@row)), [Mar 10-16]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Mar 3-9]@row)),[Mar 3-9]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Feb 25-Mar 2]@row)),[Feb 25-Mar 2]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Feb 18-24]@row)), [Feb 18-24]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Feb 11-17]@row)), [Feb 11-17]@row, IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Feb 4-10]@row)), [Feb 4-10]@row, ""))))))))))))))))))


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