Sheet with Mapped Column No Longer Working

I'm having issues with a sheet that has a column mapping users for a filtered report.

The sheet has two columns - PDS Selected that captures sign-ins where session hosts are selected, and PDS for View, a column that maps to PDS Selected and is formatted as a Contact List. This then filters to a report set to Current User. The first screenshot below is what the sheet used to look like until Friday.

I've been getting complaints that users are no longer seeing their sign-ins in the filtered report. Nothing has been changed to the sheet or the report. However, now even though the mapping is still working (I tested it on a new row), the contact column looks blank (see second screenshot below).

I've tried changing the formula from a column formula back to a cell formula, but it doesn't fix it.

=INDEX({PD - NetSuite Name Mapping USE Range 1}, MATCH([PD Specialist Selected]@row, {Formstack Name}, 0))

I've also tried editing Column Properties to include Multiple Contacts, but not only does that break the workflows, it only fixes the column until I close and re-open the sheet, then it resets back to the second screenshot and no longer works in the filtered report.

Any ideas on why this sheet suddenly broke - and how to fix this?



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