Updating dropdown list across various sheets

Hi all,

I have a same column across different sheets, and the column dropdown needs to be updated frequently, which I am manually updating right now. However, I do have Data Shuttle feature that I can use to update the dropdown lists. To test this feature, I have created a source and destination sheets, and after creating offload and upload workflows, any additions made to source sheet rows are not updating in the destination sheet dropdown column, can anybody please help me understand why is this happening?

And also, can I link the same source sheet to different destinations sheets (that are using same dropdowns) at a time or do I need to create workflow for each single sheet?




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Mounika

    Can you post screen captures of how you set up the DataShuttle workflows, the settings selected on the tabs? (Block out any sensitive data). The Upload workflow should look something like this:

    You will need to create a new workflow each time you're updating a new sheet, but you can use the same trigger (so the same offload workflow that creates a file that the multiple upload workflows then use, does that make sense?)



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