How to Set Up Tracking for customer builds - Recommendation for best Smartsheet approach

Hello Everyone,

We have an item that is the same. We build it at customer locations and each build projects has the same milestones. We want to start using Smartsheets to plan and track each project and have 2 dashboards - 1 focused on the metrics of open projects and then one for tracking a "grade" per total project so that we can develop some continuous improvement efforts.

There are 10-20 open projects at one time. There are 2 project managers and each project manager is fully responsible for a project.

Tracking is not constrained by a financial reporting year; they will be reported in perpetuity. Each build is about 3-6 months.

We have thought about:

1) 1 project plan per project - this might cause formulas to be come large for dashboards?

2) 1 project plan per project manager - when they get a new project they copy and paste the project deliverables to new rows within the project plan - With this approach how to count formulas and duration reporting work?

3) 1 project plan for all projects that either both project managers share or the admin managers. Each time a project is started the milestones and expected performance dates would become new rows in the project plan.

We are planning to "collect" dashbaord data in a summary worksheet and then use the summary worksheet as the data for the dashboards.

Our 2 dashboards will be:

1) reporting on performance per milestone in active projects: schedule oriented

2) once a project is closed we would like to assign a "grade" based on how the project delivered compared to planned milestone deliverables. Teams work on each project so we would want to see over time improvement to each team and also from team to team.

How would you recommend we set up the project plans? One of the options we have proposed or another way?

What are the pros and cons of the options we have outlined from maintaining the information to provide quality data for dashboard reoprting?

Once we get this entire activity set up in smartsheet we would like it to be a template for other regions of the company to adopt.

Thank You in advance for your guidance/recommendations?

Best Regards,



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