I am trying to return specific text based on check boxes and want it to list if true.

Apples| Apples 1|Apples 2|Apples 3| Apples 4|Apples 5| Apples 6| and so on...

I have check boxes under each Apples column where people can select which Apple they want.

In the Apples column I want to return a list of their selections like this:

Apples 1

Apples 3

Apples 6

Right now I have two formulas and I'm able to return the list and the selection separately but I want to combine to get the above result. Here is what I have:

Formula 1: =JOIN(COLLECT([Apples 1]@row:[Apples 10]@row, [Apples 1]@row:[Apples 10]@row, =1), CHAR(10))

Formula 2: =IF([Apples 1]@row = 1, "Apples 1", IF([Apples 2]@row = 1, "Apples 2", ""))

Thank you!!

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