Current, Previous, Next Fiscal Qtr column formula

Can anyone help with a formula that could return "Previous", "Next", "Previous" fiscal qtr base on a date?


  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    This formula will give you a result for each quarter of the year.

    =IF(AND(Start@row >= DATE(2024, 1, 1), Start@row <= DATE(2024, 3, 31)), "Q1", IF(AND(Start@row >= DATE(2024, 4, 1), Start@row <= DATE(2024, 6, 31)), "Q2", IF(AND(Start@row >= DATE(2024, 7, 1), Start@row <= DATE(2024, 9, 30)), "Q3", IF(AND(Start@row >= DATE(2024, 10, 1), Start@row <= DATE(2024, 12, 31)), "Q4", " "))))

    You can than filter based on the result. Does this get you what you need?

  • CBrown
    CBrown ✭✭

    No, sorry

    While i know that works, i don't want to have to filter reports every qtr or month (i have the month figured out). Just need a Qtr formula.

    Would be great to create a "prev", "next", current" formula based on the date.

    Or for Smartsheet to have this type of thing built in to filters. Including Rolling 3, 6, 12 etc...

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