Newbie help :) If a cell is blank, display content from another cell


This is probably so simple but I can't seem to get it right.

Cells: Name, Draft Name

This is what I'm trying to do: If Name is blank, show draft name, else do nothing.

=IF(ISBLANK([Name]@row), [Draft Name]@row,” “)

Appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!


  • Mr. Chris
    Mr. Chris ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/06/24

    You can give this a shot and see if it works for you:

    =IF([Name]@row="",[Draft Name]@row,"")

    You can also replace the last portion of double quotes to anything you prefer like "Do Nothing" or "Not Blank"

    =IF([Name]@row="",[Draft Name]@row,"Not Blank")

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