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We have a form that populates to a Sheet 1. The employees enter general information, except for their employee number. We have Sheet 2 that has the employee# and so we are able to pull in the employee # into Sheet 1 using Match.

=IFERROR(INDEX({Master Non-BVS User ID}, MATCH(Email@row, {Master Non-BVS Email}, 0)), "")

This works perfectly as long as we just have the email address in those columns. As we start having more contacts in SS we are running into a problem were it is not recognizing the information due to the column having the full contact information (Name and Email) vs just the email address. I have been manually going to into the contact at the cell level and removing the Name for the formula to work.

After thinking about it I was thinking is a Index Match Contains formula would work and since the email would get a partial match. Looking online I found Index Collect Contains, however it isn't returning any value so it isn't recognizing the email from the contact.

=IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT({Master Non-BVS User ID}, {Master Non-BVS Email}, CONTAINS(Email@row, @cell)), 1), "")

Thank you!

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    Hi @jpaulk I think one issue is that if you are using a Contact field, it has more than just an email in it usually. I also think there may have been a slight shift in the matrix because I used to use partial matches for contact fields--like, using CONTAINS("Saman", name@row) if I want to find instances of the name "Samantha"--but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Are these actual contact fields or just text fields with emails in them?


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