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Hello All,

I am looking for an overall count of items that came in during the week. (Example: anything "Date Added" 2024, 3, 4 through 2024, 3, 8). Some of the items do get archived onto another sheet if other criteria are met.

Have been trying a variety of formulas but have been unsuccessful. Any help?

Thank you all


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    Hi @munoz_rita,

    please try the following,Assuming you have a column named "Date Added" where the dates are recorded, you can use the following formula to count the items added between March 4, 2024, and March 8, 2024, inclusive:

    =COUNTIFS([Date Added]:[Date Added], >=DATE(2024, 3, 4), [Date Added]:[Date Added], <=DATE(2024, 3, 8))

    Here's a breakdown of the formula:

    • COUNTIFS is the function used to count the number of cells that meet a set of criteria.
    • [Date Added]:[Date Added] specifies the range to check for the criteria. Replace [Date Added] with the actual name of your column if it's different.
    • >=DATE(2024, 3, 4) is the first criterion. It checks for dates that are greater than or equal to March 4, 2024.
    • <=DATE(2024, 3, 8) is the second criterion. It checks for dates that are less than or equal to March 8, 2024.

    This formula will count all rows where the "Date Added" is within the specified week.

    If your items can get archived onto another sheet and you want to include those in your count as well, you'll need to ensure that the archived items have their "Date Added" recorded in a similar manner and then either: Apply the same formula in the archive sheet and sum the results from both sheets.

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