How can I calculate percentages based on symbols?

Andrew Ryback
Andrew Ryback ✭✭
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Hi there!

I've built a sheet for my organization that tracks independent contractors who have been booked on a project. I'm looking to add a calculation that shows the "booking efficiency" of our outreach. I'd like to spit back a percentage based on confirmed bookings divided by the amount of outreach that was done for the project.

The booking status is noted with a symbols column.

Green = confirmed booking

Red = unavailable

Orange = checking schedule

So if I have 10 confirmed contractors (labeled as "green" in my symbols column) and I reached out to 20 total people (labeled as either "red" or "orange" in my symbols column), my efficiency is 50%.

I'm trying to come up with a formula that would spit back a percentage, but based on green, red, and orange symbols.


  • SmartWay360
    SmartWay360 ✭✭✭✭


    My suggestion would be to create helper columns (could be hidden), where you will count number of "green" contractors, number of "red" and number of "orange". Than you will calculate your efficiency in the 4th column.

    Will this work?



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