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I am trying to count different ticket types from another sheet in my smartsheet workspace but for some reason am unable to figure this out. Below is what I am attempting to do and I hope this forum of experts is able to help. In the sheet below I have a column ticket info. This column will list all tickets submitted to our ticketing system to address a task within the project. I wish to count how many of each type of ticket are created. We have RITM and INC with a 7 digit number after. I have created a metric sheet to pull the information so that I can push it to a dashboard for visibility by upper leadership. However, I cannot get it to count due to the RITM and INC being connected to the number. I have tried using the following:

=COUNTIF({P905 - Ticket Volume}, "RITM*")

=COUNTIF({P905 - Ticket Volume}, "INC*")

Thinking that it would count RITM1234567 and INC1234567 but it will not count. How can I get it to count the number of RITM and INC under the ticketing column. I greatly appreciate any expert insight. Thank you all so much.

I have a metric sheet where I am attempting to count two different types of tickets in the same column from a project sheet.

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