Bridge - how to start my Bridge to look for an added row so I can copy col to another col?


I have a Bridge job that I am trying to (in a Smartsheet named "Jira Movement Log") copy one column to another column when a row is added. Below is the Smartsheet that I am trying to perform the copy where the "Todays Date" column is the source column and the "Snapshot Today" is the target column. I'm basically just trying to save a copy of today's date in a separate column.

I set up a trigger to review the "Jira Movement Log" and take action when an add row trigger takes effect. I am testing the job by adding a row to the Jira Movement Log Smartsheet manually. It initiates and runs as it should. However, I keep getting the error below. Is there a way to get past this error?

This is how I have the Smartsheet Get Row module set up.


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