SUMIFS referencing another sheet and [column]@row


I'm trying to sort the data exported from Resource Manager into something I can put in my budget. The formula I'm trying is:

=SUMIFS({Import sheet Range 1}:{Import sheet Range 1};

{Import sheet Range 2}:{Import sheet Range 2}; [Fas]@row; {Import sheet Range

3}:{Import sheet Range 3}; [Roll]@row, {Import sheet Range 5}:{Import sheet

Range 5}, [Kategori]@row, {Import sheet Range 4}:{Import sheet Range 4}, [Week


My intention is to collect the specific value for each week that correspond to the criteria's in the columns "Fas", "Roll" and "Kategori" on the same row during Week 9 from an import sheet I use to import data exported to Excel from Resource Manager...

I'm open to all suggestions :-). Many thanks in advance.


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