API sending data from DOMO to SmartSheet does not allow formulas to work

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We are using the pre-built DOMO writeback connector to send data from DOMO into SmartSheet. The data is updated daily with the intent that rows in SmartSheet today will be cleared and replaced with refreshed data tomorrow. Consider this dataset 'A'. We have another dataset 'B' that is contained within SmartSheet and has a vlookup formula to 'A'.

Every time the smartsheet 'A' refreshes via the DOMO writeback connector, the reference range breaks and the formula in SmartSheet 'B' errors. Is this expected behavior or is there a way to configure the API import that will allow DOMO to refresh data without breaking the reference range after every update?

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    Wow, that is a brutal way of updating a sheet.

    The problem is that while people look at names, smartsheet is looking at column IDs and order.

    Here's an idea:

    Take the sheet that DOMO updates and set up a Data Shuttle to export the data as a csv file each day after DOMO does it's update.

    Use Data Shuttle to use the csv file to update a new sheet "C" and let your dataset B do it's vlookup against this new sheet.

    As long as the column names stay the same, then data shuttle should work and the column IDs on sheet "C" won't change on the import of the csv file.