What formula to show if Green, In Progress

Justin G
Justin G
edited 03/26/24 in Formulas and Functions


Looking to create a formula to return the below data. If Blue=Completed, yellow=not started, red=at risk, green=in progress. Thanks!

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  • heyjay
    heyjay ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/26/24 Answer ✓

    There is something wrong with the last set of arguements,

    IF(Status@130="Complete", "Blue", 
    IF(Status@128="Not Started", "Yellow", 
    IF(Status@127="At Risk", "Red", 
    IF(Status@129="In Progress", "Green", ""))))

    Did you mean something like the one above? You need to replace the "Status@Row" with your column name. Keep the @row and just replace the "Status".



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