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Khari Shiver
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Hello All,

I am working on a Smartsheet that will allow us to calculate time worked over the course of a day for a group of union employees. I've built out some of the functionality but am running into trouble when it comes to employees working from one day into the next.

I currently have several groups of columns that allow via a dropdown list of 30 minute time increments a payroll manager to enter time worked for an employee. I then use the TIME function in helper columns to calculate the difference between starting and ending times. I am not sure how to calculate an instance where an employee might work from 8pm on day 1 to 4am on day 2. Any insight would be helpful.

Thank you!


  • bisaacs
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    @Khari Shiver Could you do a check to see if the end time is before the start time, and if so, subtract the start time from the end time, then subtract that total from 24? So something like:

    IF(end time< start time, 24-(start time-end time), end time-start time)?

    I think the math on that works

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