Smartsheet sending multiple previously updated records for each "on record updated"

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I'm using a 3rd party connector to push data to another system when a Smartsheet record is updated.

At the start of the day, if I update 1 record, it triggers one "on record updated" event.

For every additional change I make to another record, it will be added to the sent events - so if I update a 2nd record and save, it will trigger the event in this new record but it will also resend the previous trigger event again. This keeps adding up to the point where yesterday each new change we made to the system would trigger sending 41 "updated record" events. All of these 41 updated record events were already sent and no additional changes were made to those records. It seems like "on record update" is sending "here is every record that was updated today." It is blowing through our limited number of processing steps.

I don't believe this has anything to do with our 3rd party connector, as there is no way for that system to retrigger previous events. This is all smartsheet resending these events.

This behavior seems to reset overnight - in that the next morning, you update one record and it sends one event.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @nglstevemac

    Is there any possibility that when you add new data to the sheet, it is updating previous rows? If you turn on Highlight Changes in the UI, does that show your previous rows being highlighted? I'm thinking if there may be a formula that gets refreshed or something else in those other rows that would been seen as an "updated" event. Another way to check for this is to look at the Cell History in the UI to see if it's being recorded multiple times.

    If this isn't explaining what's happening, then we would need more information to troubleshoot. I would recommend contacting Smartsheet Support with your full information (such as the sheet URL, row IDs that are being recorded as updating when they shouldn't be, the webhook set up you have, etc). They'll be able to troubleshoot in a channel where you can share these details privately.